After I moved out of my parents house there are a lot of things I realized I took a lot for granted. Clean towels, clean sheets, clean dishes… clean everything without ME having to clean it. Bliss. There was also a full refrigerator and pantry! All my fav foods right there in front of me and to the right shelves filled with my favorite condiments. Mustard, ketchup (in that order) hot sauce, AI sauce, Worcestershire sauce, oh yeah and mayo). All there, sitting, waiting, ready to be squirted and slathered all over my food. at my parents home. Round these parts I definitely have a plethora of mustards and I’m pretty sure you may find some ketchup packets and a jar of mayo in the fridge but my stash is lacking for sure compare to my momma’s.

Until now. May I please introduce you to the best condiment of all…..tzatziki! So delicious, on everything, veggies, pita, meat, I’ve even used it as salad dressing, and on pasta, yup! And on this aMAZing chicken croissant sandwich.


It’s creamy and flavorful without all the fat that comes with ranch dressing or a mayo based dip. Quite important in my opinion, especially because this sandwich involves a croissant. And we all know what those are made from. Butter. Butter. Butter. Phyllo dough. More butter. Perhaps that is why they are they dankest piece of bread I know to make a sandwich out of. And why I do so on the rarest of occasions. Like when I ask Lui to go buy bread and he comes home with this. Ahh smile. At least he went. He was rewarded with this:

Bonus plus, this is super easy to make, especially when you have all the ingredients on hand, in fact then it’s even easier than going to the store to buy some sour cream and onion chip dip. Speaking of… this would be really awesome on some chips.

Or veggies like carrots, celery, and broccoli. Whip up this dip next time you’re heading to a party, your friends will thank you! (Warning, these friends need be garlic friendly, while it isn’t OVERpowering, it’s best if you and your smooching partner both partake 🙂



2 cups plain low-fat yogurt

1 full tablespoon chopped dill

1 full tablespoon minced garlic

1/2-1  cucumber, seeded and diced

juice of half a lemon

1 tsp sea salt

black pepper

This makes a good amount of condiment, that is most often not consumed in one setting, so I suggest the initial prep be made in a storage container. Makes life easier. How’s this for easy, combine all those ingredients in your storage container, stir it up real nice. Merry those flavors. Let em sit for a bit, so everyone can get to know each other. Over night is best 🙂

Next day, pull out those dipping tools and munch away! Or make some mini sliders to slather with this fantastic sauce over a bed of arugula. Ohhh I’m making that soon, be on the lookout!