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I like trying new things. Things meaning foods, activities, movies… I consider exercise a new thing due to the rareness of which it occurs in my life. And yes, on the rarity, I like to exercise. More important though are the new eats I’ve been discovering at the farmers market, the Asian market, and the specialty food isle in Whole Foods.

Like these lychees.


So good and so good for you! Full of Vitamin C and polyphenols, those free radical fighting antioxidants, your mouth and gene regulation system will thank you.

Bought some kumquats. Which make a purty good mojito if you ask me. 🙂

Lucky for you this recipe involves some pretty standard grocery store items, the newness here comes from the tofu and the fact that I’ve never cooked it before. In fact I think I have only had it once, and it was masked by meat and soy sauce, this recipe just masks it will a tad bit of chorizo but hey, baby steps. Tofu and me, sorry, tofu and I, we have a weird thing going on. I want to like it, sorta, but there are issues… like the texture issue, the soy mimicking estrogen thing, and various other reasons I’ve made up to get in the way of my relationship with tofu. Well tofu, you can thank the sample lady at Whole Foods, and the fact that you only cost 1.79$ for an organic package, cause I bought you and I ate you. And I liked it.

Thank you for melding so well with the chorizo I unhealtified you with. Actually, the tofu goes so well, I only knew it was there because I put it there, shhh don’t tell the husband.


Dinner last night was something new, a refreshing break from our everyday mundane meals. All those colors tasted as good as they looked!

Try anything new lately?


Chorizo and Tofu Tacos

makes 4 big tacos with leftovers

1/2 chorizo link

1/3 package tofu, extra firm

1/2 small white onion

red cabbage slaw

corn tortillas, heated in toasted oven at 250°

goat cheese, optional

spices, optional (I used a sprinkle of each garlic powder, cumin and cinnamon)

Heat a large nonstick pan to med-high heat and add the chorizo. Break it up as you would any ground meat, though be careful not to burn it, this happens sometimes. After you brown the chorizo, remove it from the pan and add onion. (*note- if there is a lot of chorizo oil left in the pan, feel free to drain some to all of it.) Saute the onion for a few minutes, remove it from the pan and add it to the reserved chorizo. Next, crumble the tofu in the same pan (yay for few dishes) and add any spices you see fit. Cook for a few minutes, remove from the pan and add to the chorizo n onion mixture. Combine. To assemble, start with the tortilla and add some goat cheese, then the chorizo/tofu mix. Top it off with some red cabbage slaw. Roll er up. Take a bite.