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Do you remember your first roller coaster? Your first kiss? First dance? First date? First time you ate a your favorite food? Okay that last one is a bit of a stretch but hopefully you see where I’m going. And that’s Florida of course, where I has my first taste of bruschetta. (bru-sch-tta according to Giada)

It was such a remarkable experience because prior to this point in my life I had never liked tomatoes and in fact pretty much refused to eat them. I do remember a grilled cheese with tomato I had in high school that I enjoyed, but that was about it. Then I went to Florida with my fam to this dim lit Italian restaurant run by some Irishmen. It’s location was off of the beaten path, along a long turny dirt road that left the four of us, squeezed into the back seat, nauseous by our arrival. In true McP fashion, we all got past the nausea and were soon read to devour anything in sight.

That’s where Tom comes in. Tom, mi papa, has this super power. Whatever he creates on his plate always tastes and looks like the best bite of food on earth. Well I take back the looks good part cause sometimes his Mexican masterpieces won’t appeal to the eye but def the stomach. Either way we all want to eat what he has. And he ordered some bruschetta. And like a loving father he shared a primo bite with me. That’s all it took. I knew what I was having for dinner. A party in my mouth! Garlic rubbed French bread topped with an ensemble of mozzarella basil and tomatoes! I die!

I could eat an entire loaf of french bread with a giant bowl of bruschetta. But I don’t, cause the garlic will seep out your pores if you eat just enough and I don’t like to smell like garlic out in public. Either way I think you should try this. It’s really really good. And pretty healthy if you skip on the cheese. I just never keep mozzarella on hand but I do have Parmesan. Quick substitution and on with the game.



Tomato Bruschetta
Serves 1

1 tomato, diced
1 garlic clove
2 basil leaves, ribboned
Parmesan grated

1 slice bread toasted

Roast garlic clove for a few minutes in toaster oven to take the edge off. Toast bread. Chop tomatoes, garlic and chiffon the basil, make those little ribbons 🙂 Top off with a little bit of parmesan.