Happy Saturday!! Feels good huh?

I actually work on Saturdays so it’s not complete fun for me, but I’m done by noon so it’s all good. I also like to wake up early. Well not always but most of the time it’s not that big of a deal because my internal clock is set to 5:50 am. Seriously, I wake up around 5:50 every morning, I go back to sleep or at the very least continue to lay in bed for up to another hour, but yea, I’m usually awake preeeeetttty early. I wasn’t always like this, but ever since moving to California this is how it’s been. Maybe I never adjusted to the time change.

Anyhoo, it’s Saturday, relaxing day, chilling day, project day, recap day.

This Saturday recap is brought to you by The Talking Kitchen’s Necessity of the Week: A Wooden Spoon (Won’t scratch your pans and can be used as an impromptu muddler anytime.)

Even though I don’t blog about everything I eat, I do like to take pictures of most my meals because I really enjoy styling my plates and feel the need to whip out a camera after I prepare a meal.

So here’s a few nibblets from this week:

Been enjoying these on sandwiches and salads, but my favorite is slathered on toasted bread with a sprinkle of salt. WoW! (Avocado trick: Don’t like brown avocados? Take the seed and put it in a glass of water.) I know, I know, you’re like what?? But just try it. No citrus needed. Throw the seed away when you finish the avocado.

Okay I promise I don’t eat that many croissants, this was a two pack and it was for dessert. Spectacular! Maybe I should try homemade croissants…. hmm.

Definitely a weekly meal for me. Egg sandwiches. Any way you do it, they’re good.

I pack lunches during the week and paninis are my favorite sandwich to look forward to for lunchtime. Keeps me from skipping my sack lunch for Yoshi’s Teriyaki every time.

My mom got me this Williams and Sonoma puff maker for Christmas and it’s the best! Perfectly delicate and light puffs ready in 20 mins.

Friday refresher. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope y’all enjoy a fun fulfilling weekend!