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Nothing says summer like sitting in the heat with a cool glass by your side. Love this way of living.

Being here in California has its perks, like the weather, and it’s non-perks, like the earthquakes. And then the perks, like Trader Joes wine being a whole dollar cheaper here than ATL. $1.99 baby!

Don’t let not living in Cali stop you, this cheap low-priced sangria is easy to make with virtually no prep time. Slice and dice. Pour in wine. Extra spirits for fun. A little bubbly to top it off.

 Strawberries and oranges. 🙂

Can’t get past these strawberries. Every week we go to the farmers market and sample as many fruits as we can, strawberries always top my list. Besides being organic, strawberries are #3 on the EWG‘s dirty dozen (produce sprayed with the most pesticides) these babies only cost $7 for 3 baskets worth! Strawberries have loads of Vitamin C and are full of antioxidants, yet another reason to add them to sangria!

Speaking of antioxidants, red wine has some beneficial side effects as well. Studies have shown drinking in moderation can lower risks of heart disease. Moderation meaning no more than two drinks a day for men and one a day for women. It may be hard to limit yourself to just one of these refreshing beverages, try mixing half with club soda, and then you can have two!



Summer Sangria

1 bottle red wine

1 orange, sliced

10 strawberries, quartered

2 oz. light rum

club soda

Prep all the fruit and throw into a serving pitcher. Pour over red wine. Kick it up a notch with the extra spirits. Let set in the fridge for an hour or so at least before serving. Pour out serving and then add desired amount of club soda, a little splash or half and half, whichever way you roll.