We have this thing in my family my friend Colby so cleverly calls the ‘family nap.’ It’s a kitchen towel that we use as a napkin. Now before you get all grossed out, it’s not like it’s passed around the table and we wipe our faces and blow our noses all over it. It’s just me and Lui at home and dinner is usually eaten together at our table/desk and yes we occasionally wipe both our hands on a clean kitchen towel instead of 2+ disposable napkins. What’s wrong with that? I don’t recall the last time I bought paper towels. Forget ’em. We’ve got sham wow. I guess what I’m saying here is you can totally do without all the extra waste in your life, if you’re into saving money and the planet.

On another note, I was so sick of these gladiator sandals, and in desperate need of new sandals, I thought why not transform them into something I actually wanted to wear.  Five minutes later.

All it took was removing the straps, and snipping the ‘gladiator’ part, def my least fav. I made a loop in the back to use for the straps.

This is the look with the optional straps, not sure how much I like it, but it’s nice to be able to add it back if the outfit calls for it.

There you have it. New sandals. Way awesome sandals. For nada. nothing. zero. zip. Actually two pairs if you count the straps. (I just realized that!) So much happier with my foot appearance.

Have you ever transformed something lame into something cool?

Tell me about it.