Do it yourself is my new obsession. Lately I’ve read a plethora of homemade recipes for everyday foods like pasta, hummus, and nut butters. It’s got me thinking, can’t I do it too? Well yes I can. And so can you.

Here’s a simple recipe that requires only a blender, spoon and some scraping. It’s super cheap, healthy and tastes like something you’ve never had but want to have more of. Convinced yet? I actually had all these ingredients on hand, which might be the most spectacular part. Fate had spoken.

I’ve never actually had store-bought sunflower seed butter, but I did have an entire unopened package of sunflower seeds in my pathetic pantry, so it was. I didn’t have the flax seed oil or almond oil I’ve seen in other recipes, but I happen to have coconut oil which adds a spectacular tropical flavor to the butter. Actually it may taste more like sunflower coconut butter, deliciously nutty either way.

Pretty sure the coconut oil is also the reason my nut butter didn’t combine like I had imagined (mix between peanut butter and hummus), because it’s solid at room temperature (but free from trans fats) and I forgot to melt it. I’ll be sure to remember next time!

The butter does hold when scooped and crumbled when desired, kind of a nice quality to have for a food if you think about it. Spread it on bread or sprinkle it on ice cream. Yum.



Sunflower Seed Butter

2 c. Raw unsalted sunflower seeds, roasted

1-3 tsp Honey, (or other natural sweetener)

1-3 tsp Organic virgin Coconut oil, melted

Salt to taste

Let me preface this recipe by telling you it’s simple but may take a few minutes and a lot of scraping. After roasting the seeds for about 10-15 mins., or until fragrant, let cool and add to your most trusted blender. Actually now that I’m writing this it’s most def a way better idea to add the seeds in parts, starting with 1/2 c. then add by 1/2 c. I think this will really help with smoothness factor. Pulse the seeds until they become ground like. Give the processor a quick rest every minute or so, add the honey, oil, salt and continue pulsing, scraping down the sides as needed. The seeds will create their own oil on the bottom which aids in this whole butter thing you’re aiming for. Keep pulsing and scraping, with motor rests in between, until you’ve reach your desired consistency. It won’t be super smooth like peanut butter, but it’s tasty, healthy, cheap and satisfying to know you made something all on your own!

There are a ton of different flavors to be created using this idea of a nut spread.. chocolate goes well with anything… and I love a honey and peanut butter combo. Got any ideas?