I’m going on a family vacay in a week and am soooo ready for time off. So ready to relax at the lake with the fam in my bathing suit.. wait a second, bathing suit?!? uh oh. Yup, one week to go and I realize my bod is not quite at the desired state, what’s a gal to do?

Go hiking every day for the next week? It might take a bit long to drive there, but the scenery and workout is pretty stellar.

Go biking every morning and night down the beach path? Sure, no big deal, except I’m gonna need to add a little ab and arm toning action somewhere along the trip.

Go running? I’d rather walk.

Hmm. How bout this, an everyday commitment (for at least the next week) to do a least one strength training circuit and 30 minutes of cardio (any kind will do.) I think I can do it, what about you?

For me getting into a workout routine is tough. Crazy thing is I know how good I’ll feel once I’m done, but sadly i’s not enough motivation for me. Once I’m there working out I’m totally cool, it’s getting there that is the hard part. Here are a few tips I’ve found to make it easier:

++ Get out clothes the night before

++ Workout in the AM (cause I know I won’t after work)

++ Have a workout partner

++ Write out daily goals and keep them in eyesight (there’s no better feeling than crossing things off your list)

++ Think positive and about how you’ll feel knowing you accomplished your goal (I know I said this wasn’t enough motivation for me but combined with the other tips it’s pretty powerful.)

++ Look at magazines with really skinny bodies on it. JK!!! Do NOT do this. But you could look at this and think hmm is this where I want to be?

Yeah me neither.

Let’s get active!