I bought a watermelon from the farmers market last Sunday. Brought it home, grabbed the knife, made a slice and there it was, staring back at my ‘what the heck?’ face:

Yellow Watermelon.

I quickly asked my husband what he did thinks happened to the watermelon and if it’s still okay to eat. Before he can answer I take a bite, WOWSA! What a perfectly sweet and juicy summertime snack. After a few google searches later, I found out yellow watermelon does indeed exist and is a sweeter version of it’s more commonly known red sister melon.

Tons of melon and lime. What’s a gal to do? Summertime spritzer of course. This would be delicious just with melon, lime and the bubbles but I like bringing in a little spirits for fun 🙂

How do you like your melon?


Yellow Watermelon Spritzers

serves 1

2 oz. yellow watermelon puree

1 oz. light rum (vodka, gin)

1/2 lime, juice

Club soda

Cube up some melon and toss in into a handy dandy food processor or a way cool magic bullet. Mix until pureed (or at least has really small chunks.) To a small glass add ice, watermelon puree, rum, lime and top it off with the club soda.