As I grow older and wiser I find it’s the little things in life that make me smile every day. It’s those seemingly meaningless events that make me enjoy life that much more. Like when someone unbegrudgingly lets me in front of them when I have to merge in L.A. traffic, holds the door for me, says thank you, smiles, does the dishes so I don’t have to, I’m totally into all these ‘little’ things. I think they’re good for me, and you, and as such I try to practice what I preach because maybe I can make someone else smile too. I’m also into simple things like avocado and toast. and salt of course. don’t forget the salt.

Bread toasted, avocado smashed, salt sprinkled. It’s one of my favorite breakfast meals, complete with beet, orange, carrot, celery, melon, lime, kale juice.

I’m addicted to juicing.

I got my husband hooked.

It’s a nice relationship.

I’m also obsessed with avocados because they give me good fat, like omega’s 3 and 6, and fiber, not to mention the sprouted I-only-have-4-net-grams-of-carbs bread which offers up more fiber, necessary protein and great taste. This is the only bread I have ever eaten plain, just toasted, it felt weird at first, but I’d try it, if you’re into good bread that is.

You could top it with a fried egg, tomatoes and lettuce and find yourself with a smashing egg sandwich, but if you just want to keep it simple, try this avo bread n salt combo, you won’t be disappointed. It may even make you smile.