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Going out-of-town is crazy business. I never realized as a youngin all the work that goes into it. Making sure everything is turned off, clean, put away, kitty proof, packed, not to mention all the loose ends at work that needed to be tied up before you go on vacay.

I also needed to use up those peppers I was chatting about this morning. But that was the fun part πŸ™‚ I had wanted to stuff them, but instead I sliced them up with some onions and tossed them into the best ever tomato sauce (ya know the one with the onion and butter), added mini meatballs and there ya have it. A really really good throw-together meal.

The meatballs were just mini versions of the chipotle burgers we had earlier this week. I was able to use up the leftover cooked whole wheat pasta, onions and the peppers I bought last Sunday! I’d say all in all a going out-of-town dinner success.

How do you get ready to travel?


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the little babies:

The ingredients are dates, oats, cocoa powder, water and coconut oil. Look for the recipe later this week!