Aren’t they so cute! I’ve searched high and low for organic peppers at my local farmers market and they’re finally here! In a super cute little basket no less.

I’m either thinking fajitas, one of my all time fav meals, or just stuffing these bad boys with bulgar and veggies and then smothering it in a cheese sauce…. ohhh yeah.

We’re going on a loooonnng awaited vacay tomorrow and stuffed peppers are the perfect use-up-the-rest-of-the-produce kind of meal. I’m tempted to throw some grass-fed ground beef chunks in there. We’ll see where it goes! Check back later and see what I actually whipped up.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a sneak peek into the best tasting and healthiest dessert I have ever had! No kidding. No hyping up a chalky tasting chocolate ball. These are hands down so freaking good you won’t believe what’s in them. Here’s a hint, the rest I’ll tell you later 😉

Happy Sunday!

Care to share any great green bell pepper recipes?