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Pancakes always make me think of my mom. As a kid I can remember her snazzing up the Bisquick mix creating something outta this world. I could eat at least 8 of them in one sitting without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately I grew up and can no longer eat 8 of anything without breaking the scale. I also began reading the back of everything I eat which put me into a state of shock when I checked out the ingredients in good ‘ol Bisquick. gasp! Hydrogenated oils. ahhh.

Needless to say I don’t eat Bisquick anymore but I haven’t been able to fill that void ever since. After visiting with the fam last week, and not having any pancakes, I’m in need! What’s a gal to do? Come up with her own pancake recipe with whole wheat and barley flour, because that’s what’s in the pantry? Use yogurt, water and half and half with a dollop of sour cream because I’m outta milk? Skip the syrup but make up for it using real butter. Yes. That sounds like a grand plan.

On the thin side is the way I like my pancakes, no risk of getting a mouthful of dough without any tang. Tang is where it’s at with pancakes as far as I’m concerned. It’s all about the sour cream.

You’re probably thinking there’s something gooey missing on these pancakes. I know I know, but I just don’t like syrup. Too sweet for me.

Where I lack I like to make for up, and that my folks is with a little thing we like to call CBT: Critical Butter Time. Upon immediate removal from the skillet you must apply copious an adequate amount of butter to sufficiently smother the entire cake top with butter. real butter. please? You won’t miss the syrup.

Blueberry pancakes are a fav ’round here, but I only had raspberries in the freezer, and I ain’t going to the store! They were sublime! Next time I think I might cook down the berries to make a ‘syrup’ rather than only put them in the pancakes. Nicer presentation that way.

I just couldn’t seem to get these bad boys to circle up and look picture ready. They sure did taste good. Every last bite.

Check out the recipe below!



raspberry pancakes

serves 4 at least


3/4 c. whole wheat pastry flour

1/4 c. barley flour

1/4 c. rolled oats

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt


1 Tbsp coconut oil

1/2-1 Tbsp honey

1/4 c. half and half

1/2 c. plain yogurt

1/4 c. sour cream

1/2 c. water

1 egg

frozen raspberries

In a med-large bowl add all the dry ingredients. Mix with a fork until combined. Add in the wet ingredients, minus the egg. Depending on the weather where you live the coconut oil may be solid or liquid, if solid just heat up in the toaster oven or microwave. Mix together all the ingredients, no worries if there are a few lumps. Next add in the egg and raspberries, give it all a quick whisk and start making those pancakes.

Heat a pan with oil or butter, better yet get a skillet, these guys are amazing for pancakes. Don’t use the stainless steel pan I used. It was a hot mess. About 1/8 c. makes a good size pancake, but make ’em a big as you want. CBT and add some syrup or cooked down berries.


(Don’t have whole wheat or barley flour? just substitute what you have on hand. To me the best part about cooking is the trial and error, go for it!)