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I didn’t forget about these bad boys! I’ve wanted to share this recipe with you forever and the day has finally come. Ever since being introduced to dates, only this summer, I knew they were destined for spectacular gooey desserts. I got the idea for the recipe from this blog, her’s were little cakes, and so much prettier than mine, I felt like a loser decided to make them into cute little balls.

I then felt compelled to roll them in powdered sugar, after strong advice from my culinary expert sister Meg, so here is the latest version but feel free to leave the sugar out.

Being the sneak I am, I didn’t want to tell anyone what was in them until after they took a bite. I’ve grown up in a family where people get preconceived notions that they don’t like something and then wouldn’t try it, and end up missing out on something good just cause it sounds too healthy. Craziness I tell ya.

Once you try them you’ll be wondering why you ever wasted time with cakes or brownies that just put you in a sugar coma.

Someone couldn’t wait for me to take pictures, they liked them so much. 🙂 I don’t mind.

Another amazing thing about this dessert is you won’t want to eat ALL of them. One or two will probably do the trick to satisfy your chocolate/sweetness craving. Even though there is no added sugar, yes no added sugar! (unless you add the optional powdered sugar) these little ones are pretty sweet on their own with the date filling. I’ve even had someone ask if there was caramel in them! Success!


oat date balls

1/2 c. raw rolled oats

8 dates

1 Tbsp water

1-2 Tbsp coconut oil

1 Tbsp cocoa powder

powdered sugar, optional

In a food processor add the dates and oats, pulse a few times and then add the water, cocoa powder, coconut oil and pulse until everything is combined. Then just starting rolling them into balls- always remove the processor blade first, blood and dates don’t compliment each other well. Once you’ve got all the balls ready, you can roll them in the sugar, and then put them in the fridge to harden up a bit. Or skip the sugar and just throw them in the fridge for a bit.