We have guests coming! Some good friends from Germany are coming to visit prompting us to act as pseudo interior designers ever since we moved in. Typically we have a slow move in style. As in half our stuff in boxes a week after the move. So glad we are FULLY unpacked and ready to start living in our new pad.

Our previous home was only a one bedroom, meaning one bed… meaning we needed to get another sleeping device for our travelling pals.

IKEA to the rescue. Not a huge IKEA person, that type of store is WAY to overwhelming for me, and something about the lighting in department stores always makes me feel sick. Good thing we do most of our shopping online, less hassle.

“We are so lucky to have been raised amongst catalogs.”- Best In Show

Sorry had to throw that in there. And if you haven’t seen Best In Show add it to your Netflix queue stat. Funniest movie ever!

Anyhoo, the sofa bed was perfect, but the room was lacking that homey yet vacation feel.


Pinned this on pinterest a while back. I knew there was a reason I argued so hard to keep all the glass bottles I recycled, but had yet to do anything with. This project was lingering in my bones!

They aren’t perfect, but they were so fun to make and look pretty okay for a first timer. The little nicks came from the husband’s really good idea to fill them with potpourri then top with flowers. Too bad the paint was still too soft for that kind of inner glass pressure… oh well, next time (and there will be, I already have three more saved up)!

I’ll also use less paint, and maybe water it down a bit more.

Either way this was a super fun project and it really adds that something to the guest room.

Now I just need the perfect meal….

Happy Friday!



What do you do to prepare for guests?