Have you ever thought something could actually be as amazing as you imagined it could be?

Can your wildest dreams really be… real?

Well. I saw this on Heidi’s website and it looked soooo *&!%$# good I immediately ordered sweetly asked my husband to run to the store and buy more olive oil. We just ran out! After a little hesitation on his part, and convincing with pictures, he got to it.

This was a must do. Asap. I knew the possibilities were endless, but I didn’t really believe until I took my first taste dip. Toasted bread couldn’t find a better friend.

Be a friend and make this for someone you want to like you like. Yes, I’m implying you can buy people with this garlicy herb paprika infused oil. Liquid gold.

I’m not gonna give a recipe because I followed Heidi’s to the T. and I never do that.

Make this in the next five minutes. Oh yeah that’s about all it takes. Best.thing.ever!



Happy Weekend!