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Question #1: Why, oh why have I never done this before?

Question #2: How many other teriyaki seafoods can I make before it gets too cold?

Question #3: Does it get too cold to grill in Southern California?

On second thought I don’t think it’s ever to cold to grill and this tuna is so rad you have to make it no matter what the weather in your state.

It’s a super no effort, sure to be crowd pleaser, ever so tasty perfect dish. Lets hand it to the grill for being that amazing third wheel for meals to lean on in time of flavor need. We have a medium-sized charcoal grill that we used about five times all summer until our guests showed up and revived our grilling passion. 🙂 Today will be day fourth grill in the past week and a super special one for me because I’m not working! Yay for days off.

Anyway you slice it this tuna is a knock out! No recipe needed, just douse the fish in your favorite brand of teriyaki sauce, let it marinate for about 10 minutes and then toss it on the grill. Feel free to lacquer on another layer of sauce. Enjoy with other grilled things.

We served this fish with grilled potatoes, salad, corn and an array of other grilled seared meats.

Par-boiling the potatoes for a few minutes makes them soft and fluffy on the inside.

To get the skins nice and crisp, wrap in foil and let ’em play with fire.

Even though I’ve totally been on a raw corn off the cob kick lately there’s nothing like the taste of corn meets grill.

And there’s nothing more fun to do on the weekend than grill with friends.

Take a day off soon. It feels good.

Grill some teriyaki tuna. It tastes good.

Happy Friday!