I learned quite a few things from our European guests. Like how to properly make risotto, French wine equals good wine, Americans tip too much like decent people, my cats really are cool, and to make sure to do dishes as I’m cooking. <— why didn’t I think of that!?

I was also left with a ton of leftovers from our massive grilling sessions and daily-across-the-street-gourmet-store runs. Needless to say I had to use up at least 4 not fully eaten meals.

Carne asada and goat cheese risotto stuffed red bell peppers ’bout covered it.

And about blew me away with how freaking amazing it turned out.

Yeah, I’m gonna say it. I really liked this. As in why wait for leftovers to enjoy such a simple satisfying meal?!

Maybe it was ’cause of the flavored goat cheese I used for the stuffed squash blossoms.. or the carne asada… or cause of the risotto. Either way leftovers just topped my list.

Not only can you take another shot at making a stupendous dinner, but leftovers equal means not spending money. As in SAVING MONEY!


What do you do with leftovers?