Happy Football Saturday! and to those who don’t give a flip about football.. ahh umm well have a nice day.

Time to kickback, grab a cold one, lean back and get linking. Here’s what I’ve been checking out this week…

Coolest wall art slash plant.

I absolutely have to make one of these. It would be PERFECT for herbs to hang in the kitchen! The aerogarden just isn’t the look I’m going for, and it takes up way too much counter space, JoAnn fabrics here I come.

Reading up on the real reason to eat organic.

This was a really nice read. I’ve dabbled in research a bit and as a behavior analyst I appreciate the effort needed to produce a long term study, we appreciate you. Also a nice moral booster for those thinking organic can’t ever fully catch on and feed the masses.

Celebrating the Tigers shutting down A Rod and the Yankees

Not usually a baseball fan but it’s the playoffs and it’s the Tigers. I may love living in California but I am Michigan sports gal all the way.

Reason numero uno to break out my crockpot for next week’s meal plan.

Not sure why this hasn’t happened yet, but Lui and I may or may not have an unhealthy relationship with carnitas and this skinny version could be our demise salvation! Besides anything covered in adobe can’t be bad in my book. Thanks Kristin!

Listening to some goooood tunes.

Just press play. (well follow the link first…)

I’m also getting ready for a Beer and Wing Tasting tomorrow!! Courtesy a la talking kitchen of course. I’ll be sure to share for some new October “It’s Fall and Football Season” Treats next week. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!