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It’s the weekend = Time for fun!

Start by eating wings.

Casually add a small impromptu ‘n informal beer tasting.

Might as well make it a wing tasting too. Cilantro-lime-garlic-jalapeno, honey chipotle and teriyaki will do.

Baked in a mini cupcake pan. (Note to self, buy some real baking sheets, and mini cupcake liners :))

Follow wings with beer. Chose from IPA, Hefeweizwen, seasonal pumpkin, Octoberfest, Pilsner, or a personal favorite – Blueberry Wheat. <– Awesome flavor, and perfect for a tasting because it’s tough to drink a lot of it.

I love trying old favorites with new ones, that way I know I won’t be disappointed. I think you’re supposed to drink them in a certain order… I’m not quite at that point with my tasting skills, but I’ll tell you this: All the beers flavors danced with my taste buds beautifully and I would buy all of them again. Gosh, I should really have a job as a taster, I am really good at describing the uniquness of each and every beer flavor, huh. NOT.

Hey, we all have our skills. and weaknesses.

I have a weakness for wings. Especially when I know exactly how much oil was used.

I also have a thing for pumpkin (like this pumpkin bread I may or may not have made 3 times this week!) I liked this beer, but def not enough pumpkin, I need more PUMPKIN!

Always a good choice imo, and this is special because it’s LOCAL!

I on the other hand am not local. And I let everyone know it. 🙂 Go Blue!

Baked wings and beer are the perfect fall time snackfest food ‘n drink combo.

All you have to do is marinate wings in your favorite flavors and bake until crisp (about 45 minutes at 400-425 degrees,) and Viola! you’ll have flavor bursting, super moist are-you-sure-these-aren’t-fried chicken wings.

Like ’em spicy? Try some buttermilk blue cheese dressing to cool things off, finger licking good!

Then sit back ‘n relax. It’s the weekend!