What a gorgeous weekend!

After almost a whole week of clouds (which is like a month in California time) the sun returned in all her glory!

She brought along some seasonal change

and highlighted the locals. 🙂

I know I usually bring you a meatless Monday dish ’round this time of the week…. please accept my apology, I’m really sorry I don’t have one for you today. For real, I truly feel bad about this. It’s just, my friend is in town for Halloween weekend, and I haven’t been cooking that much.

We’ve been busy chillin’ in the LBC!

So instead of a meatless Monday I bring you a glimpse of Sunday life in Long Beach, because, come on, admit it, who doesn’t wish it was still Sunday?

We started off the morning with breakfast.

Sorry I started shoving my face eating before I could take a pic. It was an English muffin layered with ham, eggs over medium, and sliced tomato doused in hollandaise sauceHey, friend’s on vacation in my town means I’m on vacation in my town, hehe. 

Do you think I liked it? Here’s an after pic.

Hey, my momma taught me it’s rude to leave food on your plate. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been skinny. Who cares? IT WAS AMAZING!

After a quick roll walk home, it was off to the farmers market to get the weekly goods.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have cats…  I could have tons of crazy exotic plants invading my apartment. (but then I remember how cool cats are.) Though it’s still nice to look.

Samples, major perk of farmer’s market life.

Plus those beautiful displays!

Next it was time for a much needed walk.

We finished the night off with sushi. Gosh I’ve been craving sushi all week. Don’t get me wrong, the Whole Foods vegetarian brown rice sushi does hit the spot from now and then, but I needed the real deal.

YES! Here’s a pic of the salad…. it was too dark after that.

Well tomorrow’s Tuesday, the friend’s back to Georgia and I’m back to the daily grind. Boo!  (oh yeah, Happy Halloween!)

New countdown until Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor! Weekly Thanksgiving recipes coming soon, until then enjoy this meatless Monday recap:

and some shots from the walk home.
is that an capital cursive L in the sky? think so. awesome.

Hopefully back to regular posting tomorrow 🙂